2008 - 2012

Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Scorecards (Update)


Innovation and intellectual property have been established as being critical to a nation’s competitiveness. IP has become one of the most important assets of companies as well as global knowledge-based economies. The project aimed to construct a regional IP scorecard in order to rate, rank and benchmark IP capabilities of organisations and nations in the Asia Pacific. In particular, this project focused on IP production in terms of output, productivity and impact. By focusing on IP production, the IP scorecard facilitated benchmarking of national performance in translating R&D into IP-protected assets and the quality of these IP assets.

IP Management Case Studies


Recognising the importance of IP to the future growth of Singapore companies, IPOS, IPA and NUS collaborated on the development of a series of case studies designed to inspire confidence and savviness among Singapore companies in managing intellectual property and leveraging on upon intellectual property for effective value creation.

The pilot phase of this project consisted of 5 case studies that covered iconic Singapore companies in environmental technology and security software industries, as well as successful Singapore startups in the new media, logistics and services and semiconductor industries.

A Study of Intangible Asset Valuation in Singapore: Issues and Opportunities for Singapore’s Businesses


The study examined different perspectives of the valuation of IP assets, and the derivation of enterprise value from these. This research aimed to identify and analyse critical IA valuation issues of Singapore businesses from the various perspectives of:

(a) Importance and impact of IA valuation on daily business operations;

(b) Current IA valuation methods used across a representative spectrum of industries;

(c) Impact of new accounting standards.

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Reach-Through Claims in Patents for Research Tools and Reach-Through Obligations in Agreements Licensing the Use or Exploitation of Such Tools


The research project examined the following issues:

(a) What impact would reach-through patent claims, which are granted by patent offices in Europe and the USA, have on indigenous biotechnology and/or pharmaceutical R&D or businesses in Singapore?

(b) If owners of research tools impose reach-through royalty obligations on their licensees, are such obligations enforceable under competition laws?

The findings also allowed the final report, as a secondary aim of the study, to speculate on whether Singapore should devote public resources, or greater public resources, to support the indigenous development of research tools and the possible benefits to the country from such investments

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