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IP Academy and Singapore Academy of Law to Collaborate on IP Professional Development Programmes

(3 November 2017)
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China IPR Daily interview with Mr Daren Tang, Chief Executive of IPOS and Chairman of IP Academy

(14 June 2017)
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IP Academy and Renmin University to Cooperate on IP Training and Competency Development

(3 June 2017)
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Dubai Government to Train Public Officers at IP Academy Singapore

(17 April 2017)
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IP Academy Singapore and SIM University to Jointly Deliver Online Training on Intellectual Property

(21 April 2016)
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IP Academy collaborates with China’s Jinan University to build IP knowledge and capabilities

(13 January 2016)


Singapore and Japan Conducted Joint Intellectual Property (IP) Training Course (with a focus on enforcement) for Asian and ASEAN Countries

(7 December 2015)

IP Academy spearheads joint programmes for building IP knowledge and capacity 

(30 August 2015)

The 5th Global Forum on Intellectual Property (Asian Legal Business)

(13 July 2015)

Celebrate World IP Day 2015 with us!

(01 April - 03 May 2015)

Distinguished Speaker Series 2015

The Reform of Copyright - A discussion of international trends by Professor Daniel Gervais

(12 Feb 2015)
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Memorandum of Understanding for Collaboration on Singapore Talent Alliance (新加坡人才发展联盟) in China between IP Academy and International Enterprise Singapore Board
(19 March 2015)

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Singapore and Japan Conducted Joint Intellectual Property Programme for ASEAN

(Oct 2014)

Chinese Government Delegation from Guangzhou National Intellectual Property Operating Platform and Talent Development Programme Singapore

(27 Oct – 7 Nov 2014)

World Intellectual Property Organisation partners IP Academy to conduct WIPO Summer School 2014

(9 - 20 June 2014)


IPA was featured in IAM's Sept/Oct 13 issue as one of 8 selected institutions offering specialist IP courses

(13 Oct 2013)
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IP Academy Becomes Part of IPOS to Build World-Class IP Capabilities and Infrastructure

(Apr 2012)
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Oxford International Intellectual Property Law Moot ( PDF, 19KB )

A Report Written by Vanessa Yeo and Valerie Tay (Mar 2009)


NUS Moot Team Performs Well at International IP Mooting Competition ( PDF, 100KB )

A Report Written by Ramesh Kumar S/O Ramasamy (5 May 2007)

Tech licensing for profit

Straits Times (6 March 2007)


Companies should be watchful of ambush marketing

Lianhe Zaobao (14 September 2006)

More Indians queue up at US patents office

The Economic Times (India) (7 September 2006)

US demands could sink pharma firms

The Nation (Thailand) (28 August 2006)

Singapore places second in Asia ex-Japan in terms of no. of patents granted

My Paper (24 August 2006)

Follow Dubai's lead

Today (Singapore) (23 August 2006)

Singapore patents lead in Asia-Pacific quality study

Today (Singapore) (23 August 2006)

Tighter controls on free trade zones needed in fight against counterfeiting

The Financial Express (Bangladesh) (23 August 2006)

SMEs should pay attention to IP

Lianhe Zaobao (23 August 2006)

Copyright protection in Asia will improve as region develops further

The Financial Express (Bangladesh) (23 August 2006)

Tight curbs sought on trade zones

China Post (23 August 2006)

Asia warms up to intellectual property

CNET News.com (23 August 2006)

More respect urged in Asia for intellectual property

The Nation (Thailand) (23 August 2006)

S'pore home to more foreign technopreneurs

Business Times (22 August 2006)

Asia copyright protection likely to keep improving

Taipei Times (22 August 2006)

SME perlu sertakan IP dalam pelan niaga

Berita Harian (22 August 2006)

Can Apple, Creative now work together?

Today (Singapore) (22 August 2006)

Asia set to take centre stage in intellectual property arena

Straits Times (22 August 2006)

Asia on copyright path

International Herald Tribune (22 August 2006)

S'pore patents are tops in Asia-Pac: study

Business Times (22 August 2006)

Asia firms urged to be IP 'savvy'

China Post (22 August 2006)

Counterfeiters seen exploiting free-trade zones

Mail & Guardian (South Africa) (21 August 2006)

Sponsorship of sports events helps build company profiles

Lianhe Zaobao (17 August 2006)

Don't over-react to IP litigation, investors urged

Business Times (14 August 2006)

Be ready to defend your patents, companies warned

Business Times (14 August 2006)

It ADS up to an AMBUSH

The New Paper (30 July 2006)

The colours, sounds and smells of … trademarks

Straits Times (25 March 2006)

Mining Da Vinci Code’s lode of gold

Straits Times (10 March 2006)

S’pore to host global IP forum

ZDNet Asia (7 March 2006)

S’pore punching way above its weight in patents

Business Times (6 March 2006)

Few firms safeguard ideas with patents, survey shows

Straits Times (20 February 2006)

S’pore firms not tapping fully into their innovations

Business Times (20 Februrary 2006)


Complex patent ‘game’ is just part of the business scene

Business Times (28 December 2005)

Who's afraid of the law?

Straits Times - Digital Life (31 May 2005)

Music pirates rule the waves

Straits Times - Digital Life (31 May 2005)

Who gives a hoot! What a sad attitude

Straits Times - Digital Life (31 May 2005)

Firms urged to explore strategies to protect IP rights

The Business Times (24 May 2005)

Taking the non-legal route abroad

The Business Times (24 May 2005)

An Interview with Professor David Llewelyn, Director of the IP Academy

Mediacorp Radio 93.8 FM (20 May 2005)

Professor David Llewelyn: When internationalising, SMEs should be mindful of IPR issues

Lianhe Zaobao (21 Apr 2005)

Program launched to better Singapore companies' intellectual property management

Xinhua News Agency (19 Apr 2005)

Open Source Perspectives

Computerworld (8-21 April, Vol. 11 Issue No. 12)

Intellectual Property - What's the Fuss? ( PDF, 291KB )

Innovation - http://www.innovationmagazine.com (Vol. 5 No.2, 2005)

Software's two major camps

The New Paper (15 Mar 2005)

Open-source software still faces IP risks

CNET Asia (15 Mar 05)

Intellectual Property - How to make it work for you ( PDF, 59KB )

Productivity Digest (Mar 05 Vol.24 No.1)

Use of illegal software is against the law

Lianhe Zaobao - NOW (2 Feb 2005)

Intentional or unintentional downloading?

Lianhe Zaobao - NOW (2 Feb 2005)

Intellectual Property's asset potential remains untapped

Straits Times (22 Jan 2005)

Copyrights? Some don't care

Straits Times - Life! (18 Jan 2005)


Campaign against movie piracy launched

Business Times (28th June 2004)

The loot of the problem

Straits Times - Life! (28 Jul 2004)

Copyright-based Industries Boost Singapore's Economy ( PDF, 75KB )

IP Academy and IPOS Media Release (July 2004)

Intellectual Property: How it affects you

The Graduate (Apr/May 04)


Boosting Singapore's Intelletual Property Development

Singapore Investment News (Apr 2003)

An Interview with Professor Gerald Dworkin, Director of the IP Academy

Inter Se (Mar/Apr 03)

Creating an IP hub

Managing IP (Mar 03)

IP Academy to emphasize education

Lianhe Zaobao (4 Feb 2003)

Academy to focus on intellectual property

The Straits Times (29 Jan 2003)

Launch of the IP Academy boosts Singapore's IP Development

(28 Jan 2003)

Intellectual Property Academy opens in Singapore

Mediacorp News, Channel News Asia (28 Jan 2003)

The new Intellectual Property Academy has been launched to boost IP development in Singapore

Mediacorp Radio 93.8 FM (28 Jan 2003)


Academy set up to groom intellectual property experts

Streats (12 Sep 2002)

Lessons on protecting inventions

The Straits Times (12 Sep 2002)

School for Patents

Today (12 Sep 2002)

It's the new S'pore gold rush

The New Paper (12 Sep 2002)

Singapore to set up IP academy: minister

Business Times (12 Sep 2002)

Grooming a new profession - The IP Academy

Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee, Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs (11 Sep 2002)