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Asia Pacific Maritime

27 years in the making, Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) is the premier shipbuilding & marine, workboat and offshore exhibition in Asia trusted by generations of industry professionals. Recognised as the essential relationship broker, APM is attended by over 15,000 Asian owners, builders, technical procurers and end-users and 1,500+ international suppliers with the objective to forge business connections, establish revolutionary partnerships and to learn what’s shaping the future of the industry in Asia.

It’s where you need to be – your strategic necessity, for a sea of opportunities.

At APM, strategy will take you everywhere.

IP Academy is a supporting partner of APM 2018. Find out more at www.apmaritime.com.

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IP Academy Singapore Faculty invited to teach at Renmin University of China

From 28-30 March 2017, Dr Jack Cheng, Faculty at IP Academy Singapore taught students from Renmin University of China, upon the school’s invitation. Professor Liu Chuntian, Dean of the IP School; Professor Guo He, Deputy Dean of the IP School; and Professor Yao Huanqing also attended the 3-day course.

Over 60 graduate and undergraduate students attended the course, which covered topics around IP management and operations, talent development and education. This is one of the many areas of cooperation stemming from the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties in August 2015.

Professor Liu also invited Mr Daren Tang, Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore and Chairman of IP Academy, to be the keynote speaker at the “2017 Annual Meeting of China Intellectual Property Law Association” in June 2017, to further boost cooperation between the two parties.

Professor Liu said, "We hope that the cooperation with Singapore in the field of IP, with IPOS and IP Academy, is sustainable and can be the basis of collaboration towards the success of future projects"



2017328-30日,新加坡知识产权学院 (新加坡知识产权局直属单位) 首席助理司长兼中国事务部负责人郑猷超博士,受邀于中国人民大学法学院/知识产权学院进行授课,知识产权学院院长刘春田教授、副院长郭禾教授、姚欢庆教授出席课程。

这是双方20158月签属合作谅解备忘录之后,进行的多项知识产权领域合作之一。 此次约有60位研究生与本科生参加此次课程,主要围绕在知识产权的管理、运用以及人才培育方面进行讲授与交流。

 课后刘院长提出邀请新加坡知识产权局局长/新加坡知识产权学院董事会主席 邓鸿森 先生于六月的中国知识产权法研究会2017年会进行主旨演讲,为双方的进一步交流开创良好的基础。

 刘院长在双方连繫的过程之中提到“我们 (人大知识产权学院) 希望和新加坡在知识产权领域,和知识产权局、知识产权学院的合作是实在的,也是可以持续的。可以通过一个一个的具体项目的成功,构建合作的基础”。


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